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Whether you are a Horsewoman or not

We help you find your voice and the courage and confidence to speak your truth.

Be courageous

Speak your truth

Make a difference

Feel heard

You struggle to be heard by peers and leaders

Monday morning makes you want to just crawl back under the covers. Going through yet another meeting where you are talked over, talked down to or just ignored makes you feel angry, frustrated and depressed.

This is for you if

You feel like you are shrinking and have lost your sense of self

You find your self editing what you want to say before you say it, fearful of the consequences of "getting it wrong". You hide how you really feel behind a smile and wonder where the joy you once felt in life has gone.



You want to make a difference but are afraid to speak up.

You have lost faith in your self. "who am I that people will listen to me and what if I offend someone".  The thought about voicing your ideas and opinions brings on sweaty palms and and you feel yourself collapsing as your stomach churns.

We have been there too

At Horsanity we have walked the path from keen idealistic and youthful enthusiasm to  that midlife time when we should have been comfortable in our mature strength but instead nothing seemed to matter anymore.


Where you feel powerless to bring about the changes you want because no one listens. Where your ideas end up being credited to others.


Worse, you find yourself unable to speak out within the situation you find yourself. You feel marginalised, defeated and ineffective. You are required to act at odds with your values.

Being undervalued and ignored at work is bad enough. When you experience it at home, even when you are able to stand tall in your profession and to outside eyes, those feelings of shrinking, of losing your self, are all the worse for happening where you should feel the safest and most cherished.

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We have taken our years of working in organisations, coaching women and melded it with the power of the wisdom of horses.

Bringing horses in the experience is the fastest way to break through the barriers to finding your voice, to finding your self.

Whether  you have a life time of riding or have never worked closely with a horse at all, when you step away from what you want then to and instead learn from them how to be you can access those parts of your self you have lost touch with. You can re-ignite yur passion and purpose and regain your courage and confidence.

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What to expect

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Join us and immerse yourself in "the Herd". Draw on the combined wisdom of the horses and humans in your group.  Our work with the horses involves no riding. No prior expertise is required. Just an open mind and heart.It is about creating connection and trust though ground based activities. Whether you are working with our herd or your won horse, this is a different way of being with them.

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When you book into a workshop or course you will receive a welcome email telling you what the next steps are. They will be different depending on what you have enrolled for

Step 1

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After the completion of your course or workshop you will have a new clarity and confidence to use your voice and speak your truth.

You will receive a follow up email from us to see how you are going once the dust has settled and offer you the opportunity to simply stay on our contacts list so you know about future events or engage in one on one coaching if you want more support.

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When the date of the workshop or course draws near you will receive the materials you require and any pre-work instructions to help you get the most out of your expereince .

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

How To Get Started


First join us

Enroll in a  face to face Workshop or online  course.


Then discover your centre and balance

Employ the combined wisdom of humans and horses to reconnect to your true nature and find your voice.


Employ the power of calm confidence

Use the power of living your truth to make the difference you yearn to make.

What Our Clients Say:

I really enjoy bringing more to my Superclinics that simply riding technique. I like to help my students change their approach and their mindset to their riding, because let’s face it, for most people the time on their horse is only a small portion of their day and it is so hard to let go of that when you finally find the time to dedicate to your horse.

I have a busy life, that’s is for sure, rider and competitor, mother, farmers wife and farmer and riding coach so I find it invaluable to take time out to reset for myself. And what better way to do that than let the horses guide me into a more mindful and self-aware way of being.  By joining a Horsanity workshop with Lynn and Pam, their herds, and other participants I find a way to re-energise, reset my intent and bring my whole self back to my own students and activities.  Marcia


I earn my living coaching riders and training horses and have always relied on my ability to make a strong connection with the horses I work with. As anyone who works with horses knows, they can bring us both great highs and great lows and keep us grounded every day.  What I hadn’t explored so much was how the rest of my life impacts on those relationships. What are the patterns of thought and behaviours that I bring to the saddle everyday without even realising it. What gets in my way of achieving everything I know my horse and I can do together?

My interest was thus piqued when given the opportunity to attend a workshop with Lynn Jenkin and Pam Seccombe of Horsanity – to “See with Fresh Eyes” which is all about building self-awareness, examining limiting beliefs and having a more mindful approach to life – including my life with my horses. As an experienced horseperson I was asked to park all my experience at the door and enter into a different relationship with the horses for the day. One which was not about doing things to/with them but simply being with them through a series of invitations. Two things were made evident during the day.

The first is how much all that “stuff” out there rides along with me, my little critic on the shoulder. It takes energy, energy better spent elsewhere, to keep that voice quiet and get on with the job.


The second is how refreshing to be able to come back to the pure joy that horses represented when I first fell in love with them. To be able to let go of the goals,

expectations and concerns and just be with them for a while.


The experience has changed my approach with my own horses. It’s not about a training method, or a discipline. It hasn’t changed my way of training or riding. What it has changed is my sense of self, bringing an increased awareness and mindfulness to what I do (in all areas of my life) , rather than being caught up in the “stuff”. Jess


I was quite unsure about what to expect as I had never completed a day such as this. On arrival I was made to feel completely welcome and at ease. I was really looking for a day to focus on myself, look at how I was currently dealing with (or not dealing with) a number of issues and how to move ahead positively.

This workshop gave me exactly what I needed but with a twist – putting horses into the mix. I have had minimal involvement with horses in the past and would say I am not that comfortable around them. Working through issues in a group setting, drawing our feelings and our future, and time alone allowed me to focus on what I really wanted to achieve from the day. Time later with the horses really showed me the affect I can have on others. This something I have struggled with and the way the horses reacted to me and each other was an extremely eye opening experience.
I really enjoyed the focus on mindfulness, and time alone for a stroll around beautiful Yaroonga to reflect was really cleansing for the soul.

I fully recommend this wonderful day for anyone who would like a day to just step back, reassess themselves and how they deal with others and how they want to move forward in a more positive way.

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5 Practices to get you grounded and connected to your body

  • Gain clarity of thought

  • Become responsive, not reactive

  • Make powerful choices

  • Enjoy simply being you

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Some Of Our Successes

We understand the journey

The wisdom of the horse - human connection is not something that sprang up over night. Humans and horses have a shared history of working and living together for thousands of years. We share so many traits that create a synergy when we are at our most authentic best.

At Horsanity we have taken our own lifetimes of experience, both in our work life and our lives with horses, to create a method you can use to reconnect to your own true nature and find your voice.

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